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10th Young Investigator Workshop 2018

In connection with the 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress (ECC7) in Liverpool August 26-30, the 10th Young Investigator Workshop (YIW) will take place August 23-25 in Oxford.

Participation in YIW is a great opportunity to discuss chemistry with talented young investigators from EU countries, as well as some established investigators. The number of young investigators is limited to 30, they should not be older than 40 years on December 31, 2017, and must have started an independent research career.

Sektionen för organisk kemi will nominate one young investigator to attend YIW. It is highly recommended that participation in the workshop is combined with active participation in the ECC7 .

The Division covers travel costs for participation in YIW with up to SEK 5.000. Upon combined participation in YIW and ECC7 (oral presentation or poster), costs for travel, accommodation and registration fee will be covered up to SEK 15.000.

Your application should be written in English with a short statement about why you want to participate in YIW, and a short CV (1 A4 page) including details showing that you:

(a) have been established as an independent researcher for at least a year

(b) are not older than 40 years

(c) are a member of Sektionen för organisk kemi

Your application should be sent by e-mail to Agneta Sjögren, ( no later than 15 December, 2017.

 10th YIW 2018