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Svenska masspektrometrisällskapets medalj till Berzelius ära instiftad med anledning av föreningens 30-års jubileum 2014.

SMSS AWARD FOR A DISTINGUISHED CONTRIBUTION TO SWEDISH MASS SPECTROMETRY (“Gold” Berzelius Medal). The Award recognizes a significant singular or lifetime achievement that affected fundamental or applied mass spectrometry in Sweden. Eligibility is not restricted to members of SMSS, but the Awardee should have some connections to Sweden. The award is conferred at the SMSS Annual Conference with the presentation of the medal, and the award lecture.


SMSS AWARD FOR A Early-Career CONTRIBUTION TO SWEDISH MASS SPECTROMETRY (“Silver” Berzelius Medal) is awarded to an individual early in his or her career in recognition of significant achievement that influenced Swedish basic or applied mass spectrometry. Nominees must be within the first 15 years of receiving the Ph.D. at the time of nomination. Eligibility is restricted to members of SMSS. Nominations are held for three years so long as the date of Ph.D. is still within the eligible range. The award is conferred at the SMSS Annual Conference with the presentation of the medal, and the award lecture.


Nomination for both Awards should be made by at least two SMSS members, of which one – SMSS Board member, and the other ones – either Associate or Full professor in a Swedish University. Nominations will be held for three years. Decision on the Award is made by the SMSS Board upon the recommendation by the SMSS Award Committee. The SMSS Award Committee is formed by the SMSS Board, with the Chairman being the Board member, and the Members – representatives of the regional SMSS organizations.

Peter Roepstorff, SDU – Guld och Ingela Lanekoff, UU – Silver

Fotograf: Roman Gritcenko

Peter Roepstorff, University of Southern Denmark, awarded for his pioneering work in biological mass spectrometry and life-long achievements in protein research.

Peter Roepstorff obtained graduated in chemical engineering in 1966 and became an Associate Professor at Odense University 1975, where he later became Professor in 1995 and still is active as Professor emeritus since 2005. Peter has published around 400 papers and has an h-index of 75.

His most cited paper has 2190 citations, cited at over 60 citations per year: Proposal for a common nomenclature for sequence ions in mass spectra of peptides Roepstorff, P and Fohlman, J.; Biomedical Mass Spectrometry 11(11):601

He has a long list of merits and received several awards including: the Novo Nordisk Award (2004), the HUPO Distinguished Achievement Award in Proteomic Sciences (2007), EuPA Senior Scientist Award (2009) and the Thomson Medal (2009).

Peter has created a school of proteomics, one of the first and most prominent in the world. Due to him Odense became a world player in the proteomics field.

Peter has made significant contribution, both directly and indirectly, to the progress of Swedish mass spectrometry both through scientific collaborations and by hosting and supervising many Swedish scientists that now work all around the world.

Ingela Lanekoff, Uppsala University, awarded for her input in the further development and application of nano-DESI for imaging mass spectrometry.

Ingela Lanekoff obtained her PhD in 2011 at Gothenburg University, moved as postdoctoral researcher to PNNL, WA, USA from 2011-14, joined Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry – BMC at Uppsala University as assistant professor in 2014, become associate senior lecturer in January 2018 and senior lecturer in May 2018.

Her present research direction is focused on imaging mass spectrometry applying nano desorption electrospray ionization exploring analytical strategies to identify and quantify molecules on surfaces and ideally in a single cell scenario.

Bo Sundqvist, UU – Guld och Jörg Hanrieder, GU – Silver

Bo Sundqvist, Uppsala University, awarded for his pioneering work in fundamental mass spectrometry and life long achievements in ion physics and Jörg Hanrieder, Göteborg University, for his work in neuroproteomics, and implications of novel tools for imaging mass spectrometry.









Hasse Karlsson, GU – Guld och Johan Malmström, LU – Silver
Hasse Karlsson, Göteborgs universitet tilldelas Berzeliusmedaljen i guld för sina pionjärinsatser inom glykomiken och Johan Malmström, Lunds universitet tilldelas Berzeliusmedaljen i silver för sitt arbete inom kvantitativ proteomik, vilket även innefattar framtagning av nya programvaror och verktyg för analys av masspektrometridata.

Per Håkansson, UU – Guld och Janne Lehtiö, KI – Silver
Per Håkansson, Jonfysik, UU för  hans livslånga engagemang i utvecklingen av masspektrometri och dess applikationer.
Janne Lehtiö, Onkologi och patologi, KI som erhöll utmärkelsen för sin utveckling av masspektrometriska applikationer inom proteomiken.

Jan Sjövall, KI – Guld