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Sektionen för teoretisk kemi

Theoretical Chemistry” will be given a widest possible definition, containing: quantum chemistry, molecular physics, molecular simulations & modellin, computational materials science, computer-aided drug design, nano/bio technology, bioinformatics, cellular kodelling, and many more related areas.

Very many molecular sciences overlap today and use similar computational tools. Many different areas are also learning a common scientific language in attempts to connect the time and length scales in modelling and simulations. Theoretical Chemistry (whatever it is strictly…) is a highly interdisciplinary area and rapidly evolving to many directions!

There is a high density of excellent theoretical groups here at the Nordic periphery of Europe and inter-nordic initiatives are born naturally. We have long traditions to meet and work together.

Awards: Björn Roos award and Inga Fisher Hjalmars award.


Multiscale modelling of materials (and molecules)

The eSSENCE e-science program arranges a national modelling meeting with our sister program SeRC and other e-science actors, June 12-14 (lunch-to-lunch).
We will have an interesting mix of method/model development and applications. The meeting, including all meals, is free of charge.


Peter Ahlström Högskolan i Borås

Lennart Nilsson Karolinska Institutet

Kersti Hermansson Uppsala universitet
Jürgen Gräfenstein Göteborgs universitet
Patrick Norman Linköpings universitet

Bo Durbeej Linköpings universitet
David van der Spoel Uppsala universitet

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