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15th Herman Wold Medal in gold awarded to Age K. Smilde

Prof Age K. Smilde, University of Amsterdam, has been awarded the 15th Herman Wold medal in Gold. “For his relentless inquisitiveness to the development and proliferation of Chemometrics, combined with a sincere dedication to build bridges across disciplines”.

The Herman Wold medal is a biannual prestigious award. Since 1995 it has been awarded to individuals who have contributed significantly to the development and proliferation of Chemometrics and its expanded synonyms in machine learning and multivariate statistics within data driven life sciences. The prize ceremony was held on Sep 7 2021 at the SSC17 conference, Aalborg, Denmark (

A list of earlier Herman Wold gold recipients is found below:

Svante Wold (SSC4, Lund, Sweden, 1995) Agnar Höskuldsson (SSC5, Lahti, Finland, 1997) Harald Martens (SSC6, Porsgrunn, Norway, 1999) John MacGregor (SSC7, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2001) Rolf Carlson (SSC8, Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, 2003) Olav Kvalheim (SSC9, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2005) Pentti Minkkinen (SSC10, Lappeenranta, Finland 2007) Michael Sjöström (Euro-QSAR, Uppsala, Sweden, 2008) Johan Trygg (SSC11, Loen, Norway 2009) Rasmus Bro (SSC12, Billund, Denmark, 2011) Torbjörn Lundstedt (SSC13, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013) Gabriele Cruciani (SSC14, Sardinia, Italy, 2015) Veli-Matti Taavitsainen (SSC15, Naantalissa, Finland 2017), Barry M. Wise (Oslo, Norway, 2019)