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Call for nominations, extended to 2 December

Do you have a colleague you would like to recognize? There’s still time!

The Protein Society is seeking nominations for the 2020 Protein Society Awards, which recognize the outstanding achievements of protein scientists whose work in the field has led to distinguished contributions in the areas of leadership, education, and/or service. Any member can nominate an individual who has had a major impact on the multi-disciplinary fields of protein science.

We will honor award recipients at the 2020 World Conference on Protein Science July 6 – 10, 2020, in Sapporo, Japan. For details, visit our website or email

Members can nominate candidates for the following awards:

  • Hans Neurath Award*:
    • Recognizes an individual who has made a recent contribution of unusual merit to basic research in the field of protein science
  • Carl Branden Award**:
    • Honors an outstanding protein scientist who has made exceptional contributions in the areas of education and/or service to the field of protein science
  • Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award***:
    • Recognizes exceptional contributions in protein science which profoundly influence our understanding of biology
  • Stein and Moore Award:
    • Recognizes contributions to the highest level of the study of proteins
  • Christian B. Anfinsen Award:
    • Recognizes significant technical achievements in the field of protein science
  • Emil Thomas Kaiser Award:
    • Recognizes a recent and highly significant contribution to the application of chemistry to the study of proteins
  • Protein Science Young Investigator Award****:
    • Recognizes a significant contribution to the study of proteins by a scientist who is in the early stages of an independent career 

*Sponsored by the Hans Neurath Foundation

**Sponsored by Rigaku

***Sponsored by Genentech

****Sponsored by Wiley