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Zoomposium Chemistry for a Sustainable Future


Host: Lars Öhrström (Chalmers, Gothenburg), Gunnar Svensson (Stockholm University) and Francisco Vilaplana (KTH, ACES)

10.00 – 11.00     Chemistry for a sustainable future

Chemistry is usually defined, conceived, and taught as the science of transformation. To adapt to the circular economy, chemistry must evolve towards being the science (and industry) of reuse.  Several examples of circular economy will be presented, including the design of a new generation of plastics that allow for their disassembly into their monomers and their reconstruction. This process can be done at ca. 100 % yield and multiple times. These and other examples of circular chemistry will be described in detail and an outlook of the area will be provided. In addition, some of the activities that are carried out at IUPAC will be presented.

Prof. Javier Garcia Martinez (Head of IUPAC)

11.00 – 11.30       Discussion moderated by Lars Öhrström

Registration is closed.

Venue: At Stockholm University, Magneli Hall and via Zoom,, the link can be found  here.


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