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Lunds universitet
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Avancerad oorganisk kemi: greenwood-earnshaw Ebbe Nordlander
NMR in chemistry Ola Wendt
Organometallic chemistry: hartwigboken (ny kurs) Ola Wendt
Chemical kinetics Ola Wendt
High-resolution electron microscopy Reine Wallenberg
Microscopic Characterisation Reine Wallenberg

Göteborgs universitet

Properties of ionc solutions and surface
complexation at nanoparticle-solution
interface (5hp Läskurs)
Zareen Abbas

Umeå universitet

Biogeochemical cycling of metals
This course deals with the biogeochemical cycling of metals in the environment. It covers areas such as metal speciation, surface chemistry, complex formation, sedimentation, redox cycling, and discusses microbial as well as geochemical processes.

The course is delivered online via moodle/canvas. Examination is done through oral and written submissions, and may require a physical meeting.

Molecular Spectroscopy and Diffraction (7.5 hp)
The course is intended for advanced undergraduate students (Upper Division), and is given . The Molecular Spectroscopy module of the course covers the fundamentals of group theory, MO theory, selection rules in electronic spectroscopy, crystal field theory. The Diffraction module focuses on fundamental principles of X-ray diffraction and structural determination.
PhD students who wish to take this course remotely are advised to contact the course leader in advance (

Stockholms universitet

Powder diffraction with X-rays and neutrons in Materials Chemistry More: