Integrated structural and molecular biology have a pronounced impact on Swedish life-science and biomedicine, with important findings been given the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Medicine on numerous occasions during the last decades. The 2019 SWEPROT symposium will present some of the most exciting recent breakthroughs in structural biology combined with biophysics and molecular biology and the most recent research from a strong and vibrant national community. The program will again be of the highest international quality with the invited keynote speakers world-leading scientists covering a methodological range from in silico modelling to experimental structural biology and single-molecule methods and a wide biological range of topics covering proteins, nucleic acids and large complexes.

Invited keynote speakers:
Kristina Djinovic-Carugo, Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Austria
Karen Fleming, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Tamir Gonen, UCLA, USA
Susan Lea, University of Oxford, UK
Roland Riek, ETH, Switzerland
Joost Schymkowitz, VIB, Belgium
Wei Yang, NIH, USA