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EFCE spotlight talks 2023

26 maj, 08:00 - 5 juni, 17:00

Welcome to the 5th SPOTLIGHT TALKS SERIES!
Entering the third year of EFCE Spotlight Talks highlights these as one of the most
significant and visible activities of the EFCE Working Parties and Sections. These talks are
now seen by the community of practicing (bio)chemical and process engineers as an
important means for sharing and disseminating the latest knowledge in chemical
engineering science. Given that in September 2023 we will have an opportunity to meet
face to face in Berlin at the ECCE/ECAB conference, this year we are only running the
spring series of Spotlight Talks.
This series showcases 8 webinars involving the following Working Parties and the
Sections are contributing: Characterization of Particulate Systems, Chemical Engineering
as Applied to Medicine, Crystallization, Early Career Chemical Engineers, High Pressure
Technology, Multiphase Fluid Flow, Quality by Design, Static Electricity in Industry,
Thermodynamics and Transport Properties.
Whatever your area of interest, you are sure to find interesting information on the latest
chemical engineering science innovations. Many thanks to all presenters and we hope
you’ll all enjoy the webinars. Läs mer här.

24 May to 5 June 2023

24 May• 14:00 Successful implementation of quality by design along the product
life cycle – industrial use cases
25 May • 14:00 The adventurous journey of a reacting species on its ride through
a multiphase reactor – new insights with Lagrangian analysis
26 May • 14:00 Technology to improve conventional chemical engineering processes
30 May • 14:00 Chemical engineering as applied to medicine: current challenges
and opportunities
31 May • 09:00 Static electricity in industry: flexible intermediate bulk
containers, comfort and smart materials
31 May • 14:00 Opening chemical engineering to the power of open science
1st June • 09:00 Innovative characterization techniques for particulate and
crystallization processes
5 June A view on the future of applied thermodynamics



26 maj, 08:00
5 juni, 17:00