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Highlights from Sweprot 2024

In total, Sweprot 2024 had approximately 150 attendees. Photo: Daniel Larsson.

The 27th Swedish Conference on Macromolecular Structure and Function meeting (Sweprot 2024) took place this weekend, in Tällberg, Dalarna, Sweden. The four-day meeting offered an interesting scientific program, as well as poster presentations and social activites such as a pub quiz and a karaoke disco evening.

Poster prizes

Ping Li from Lund University was awarded the SFBBM/Kemisamfundet Poster Prize for his poster Closed and open structures of the eukaryotic magnesium channel Mrs2 reveal the auto-gating regulation mechanism. 

Jacob Whittaker from SLU was awarded the FEBS Openbio Posterprize for his poster Time-resolved Cryo-EM of GltTK – a Glutamate/Aspartate Transporter. 

He won the prize for the best oral presentation

Med Mehta from Stockholm University was awarded the SFBBM/Kemisamfundet Prize for the best oral presentation of a junior scientist for his presentation Structure and electromechanical coupling of the sperm specific voltage gated Sodium/Proton exchanger SLC9C1.

Award lecture

On Sunday June 16th, Gustav Berggren, this year’s Hugo Theorell prize in biophysics awardee, held a lecture. Read an interview about him and his research here (in Swedish): Han fick Theorellpriset för sitt arbete med hydrogenaser

See the program for Sweprot 2024 and