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INVITATION Norblad-Ektrand-Medal Lecture 2020

Molecular Solar Thermal Management Materials  

Kasper Moth-Poulsen
Chalmers University of Technology

Day: Monday 14 December
Tid:  12:00-ca 13:00 by Zoom

In this talk, I will present and discuss our goal to develop emission free solar energy storage materials based on molecular photoisomers. Norbornadiene (NBD) and its derivatives undergo photoisomerisation to the highly strained quadricyclane (QC). In this presentation, our efforts in improving the NBD/QC system towards efficient energy storage systems including new ways to improve solar spectrum match and energy storage time. Moreover, I will present device concepts for lab scale demonstration of solar energy capture as well as heat release devices based on molecular photoswitches that perhaps one day can be used in application in solar energy storage systems. Further, a new research direction focusing on integration of these materials into functional coatings for thermal management in windows and coatings will be presented.


Press release in Swedish