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Javier Garcia-Martinez and Paul Anastas are visiting Stockholm University the 27th of September.

10.00    Chemistry for a sustainable world by Prof. Javier Garcia Martinez (head of IUPAC).

Hybrid seminar in the Magneli Hall at Stockholm University with Kemisamfundet as host and Lars Öhrström (Chalmers), Gunnar Svensson (Stockholm University) and Francisco Vilaplana (KTH, ACES). For registration, see the link.

14.00  Green Chemistry: “…to solve most of the World’s problems”. Prof. Paul Anastas (Director of the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale University, and senior advisor of SUCCeSS): For registration see the link.

Seminar in the Magneli hall with SUCCeSS as host.

15.30             Fika & open discussions