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Time to nominate for the 2022 H.E. Merck Award for Analytical Science

Since 1988, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt has endowed the HEINRICH-EMANUEL-MERCK AWARD FOR ANALYTICAL SCIENCE worth 15,000 EUR.

The award is intended for chemists up to the age of 45 at the time of the application deadline, working on the development of new analytical methods and their applications in areas of human interest. Their work should be directed towards the improvement of our conditions of life, providing solutions to analytical problems in the areas of life sciences, material sciences or environmental sciences.

The prize will be awarded for the 17th time at a special award ceremony at the EuroFAST2022, Nijmegen/the Netherlands, April 19–22, 2022.

The evaluation will be performed by a jury of 5 internationally recognized analytical scientists, chaired by Prof. R. Zenobi, ETH Zurich.

Applications/nominations should be submitted until 31 December 2022 to:

Prof. Dr. Renato Zenobi

ETH Zurich

Laboratory of Organic Chemistry

HCI E 329

CH-8093 Zürich, Switzerland


Self-applications are explicitly encouraged, as are nominations by a department, a colleague, a society etc.

Applications – preferably in English – must contain a brief scientific curriculum vitae including the applicant’s age and be based on one original paper that contains own research results, published within the last 3 years.

2022 H.E. Merck Award for Analytical Science Information – PDF

2022 H.E. Merck Award for Analytical Science Flyer– PDF